High Net Worth/Large Asset Divorce

How can we help in high net worth/ large asset Situations?

When significant or intimately personal property is at stake, such as assets tied to a longstanding family business, it can be easy to lose sight of resolution and let the issues in divorce

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Need help with a large asset/high net worth divorce? We are experienced with these complex situations.

turn into a highly contested divorce dispute. Albuquerque Family Law is familiar with the many facets of a high-asset or high net worth divorce. Our extensive experience representing clients in complex family law disputes and our comprehensive knowledge of New Mexico Community Property laws enable us to provide the sound counsel clients need when confronting the legal issues in a high-asset divorce.

At Albuquerque Family Law we believe that for most people, the benefits of a negotiated resolution, or even of mediation, far outweigh those associated with trial. This is particularly true when significant assets are at stake in a high net worth divorce. By working closely with clients, our attorneys strive to obtain a fair and equitable solution to property division issues, avoiding the dissipation of assets through costly litigation and preserving the marital estate. Albuquerque Family Law is equipped to serve the needs of clients facing the complex property division issues entangled in a high net worth divorce.

We understand that our clients often have successful careers and respected reputations built around their businesses. Whether a client founded a family-owned business or is a medical professional with a successful practice, divorce can pose a threat to his or her financial security.
Albuquerque Family Law is here to help protect both our clients’ finances and their futures as they navigate the complexities of high-asset divorce.

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