Father’s Rights

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Fathers have rights too. We work with both fathers and mothers to advocate for their fair rights.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are being strong armed and being told when and where you will visit your children, then you need to act today and contact Albuquerque Family Law. Are you having to visit your children while being supervised and watched by a person that neither you nor your children have ever met, judging your every move? Are you tired of paying child support that just doesn’t seem right? Do you just want to have your children more? Albuquerque Family Law aggressively defends and enforces father’s rights, and allow fathers to take an active part in their children’s lives.

It’s not fair for a father and his child’s relationship to be damaged because of the acts of a spiteful mother. It is not fair that you have been blindsided by a custody case and in some cases even had your bank account drained. Albuquerque Family Law knows how to put a stop to these deceitful tactics immediately and will enforce your rights to your children.

It is a common misconception that the mother is always favored for child custody. There is a mandate that neither sex is shown any preference when it comes to father’s rights as they relate to child custody and support. The standard that the court operates under when dealing with child custody and support cases is whether or not it is in the best interests of the child. Custody and timeshare, also known as time with your children, are based on a multitude of factors. Courts will often look to the wishes of the parents to ensure that they are making decisions in the children’s best interests, and if the child is old enough, they will seek the child’s opinion as to where they would want to spend most of their time. No matter what, father’s need an aggressive approach to maintaining, regaining or setting child custody.

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