Why Choose Albuquerque Family Law?

Here at Albuquerque Family Law, we understand and are empathetic to matters that are often difficult to handle by yourself and emotionally draining. Without the assistance of a good family law firm, these matters may become too emotional for a person to handle, which may negatively affect their decision-making, and ultimately lead to poor decisions in your family law matter.

Albuquerque Family Law is a full service family law firm that offers legal services for disputes in child custody/support, simple and complex divorce cases, high net worth or large asset divorce, kinship guardianships, prenuptial agreements and paternity cases, amongst others. Our attorneys at Albuquerque Family Law will review and analyze your case and we will help you make the decisions in order to protect or enforce your legal rights.

Although Albuquerque Family Law is greatly skilled in contested and heavily litigated cases, we also understand that litigation may not be the best choice in certain situations. In these uncontested cases, Albuquerque Family Law will assist and ensure settlement is discussed at all levels of your case, with an ultimate goal of negotiating a settlement that protects your legal rights.

By choosing Albuquerque Family Law, you are taking the first step in protecting your rights. Albuquerque Family Law will help you navigate through the legal process and we will provide you guidance so you can make informed decisions instead of feeling helpless.

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