Divorce Lawyer Services

Divorce Lawyer ServicesHere at Albuquerque family law, we offer services that go beyond a regular divorce attorney. Although Albuquerque Family Law focuses solely on family law, we also have a network of attorneys that can assist our clients not only regarding divorce, but outside of the family law context as well.

Albuquerque Family Law is associated with other attorneys that can help deal with high net worth divorces, family businesses going through divorces, tax law questions, foreclosure defense, patent and intellectual property law, bankruptcy and other general civil litigation matters.

Albuquerque Family Law also provides top quality communication and litigation representation during the divorce itself. With close and frequent communication with our clients, Albuquerque Family Law is able to help our clients make educated and informed decisions regarding their divorce and whether or not litigation is necessary to achieve your objectives.

Contact Albuquerque Family Law today at 505-SANCHEZ so you know you have a supreme team on your side.