Child Custody Law

How We Can Help with Child Custody Law Matters:

Child custody decisions are one of the most stressful and difficult parts of a divorce. At Albuquerque Family Law, we focus on the best interests of the children and take satisfaction in our

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ability to help clients achieve fair child custody solutions that favor quality time spent with each parent. Albuquerque Family Law will walk you through the child custody and support process, to ensure you are able to make decisions that are truly in the best interests of your children.

Albuquerque Family Law understands that not every child custody case is contested, and the parents are able to resolve their parenting issues without a judge. When parents are able to negotiate and resolve parenting issues amongst themselves, Albuquerque Family Law will draft up your documents to ensure they accurately represent your parenting agreement.

Should your custody case become contested, and you are unable to communicate with the other side, Albuquerque Family Law will help in securing maximum child support allowed under the New Mexico Child Support Guidelines. Albuquerque Family Law will also pursue and enforce child support orders, and will not stop until your child’s financial future is secured. Unmarried parents are just as responsible for supporting their children as married or divorcing parents.

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